Saturday, 23 April 2016

Agility extravaganza

We have been lucky to be able to invite Mirjam Bosdam and Gabrielle Eijkelboom to come over to teach agility at our club for three days on 8/9/10 July. They are lovely and experienced agility trainers. We are so so so looking forward to this weekend!!! We only accept entries from club members for this event.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Club Championships 2013

Club obedience placings:
1. Emma with Lulu

2. Megan with Rogie

3. Juliette with Harry
4. Gillian with Honey 
5. Debi with China
6. Sarah with Missy
7. Lynn with Rosie

Club Agility placings:
1. Sally with Molly
2. Jo with Grace
3. Juliette with Harry
4. Steve with Sam and Mary and Billy
6. Megan with Rogie
7. Gillian with Honey

Best overall dog was Harry  with Juliette!!!!

Best magic mat was won by Nina with Lily

Monday, 8 July 2013


Megan & Rogue

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Saturday, 29 September 2012

And the new obedience club champion is....

Megan Hayes with Detania Rogue Fire Belle ( Border Collie). 

Final scoring this year:
Champion 2012 and winner of the Harry memorial plaque Megan Hayes with Detania Rogue Fire Belle
Reserve champion was John Clarke with Gem (Working Sheepdog)
3. Trish and Daddy (Staffy)
4. Jo and Gus (Munsterlander)
5. Sandra and Skye (BC x Labradoodle)

Today it was a lovely day. We had 3 judges judging at all times and that gave us a good and fair scoring for all participants. All judges worked really hard and with dedication and without them we would not be able to do these lovely club competitions. We are therefore very grateful to Margaret and Roger Reed and Pat Nichols for judging for us this year.

Sandra and Skye did very well in level 2 and was the only person who got a promotion point for the next class (will need another promotion point to move up though). We had a few dogs in level 1 that wanted to stay in level 1 a bit longer and did some lovely rounds and Graham and Oscar (Labrador of about 6 months) did a first round nearly getting a promotion point for the next level, only missing out due to some little mistakes in the stays, but unfortunately that is costing dearly as it will loose all the points in the stays then (we have to be strict, even for cute puppy dogs). We had one dog in level 3 who lost on his stays and he was a bit confused with the red cones for the box and for the sending to the cone exercise, especially as they were all placed very close together, but that is something we can train on and improve. All good fun and inspiring  interesting new training ideas :-)

I can't wait till next year's competition and I hope we will have lots of participants again in 2013 :-)