Sunday, 28 August 2011

Next week.....

is the final agility competition of the Black Jack DTC Club Agility championships.

We will have to think of a suitable course for this breathtaking (literally!!) final :-)

Saturday, 13 August 2011

2nd Club Obedience Competition

Roger and Margaret Reed were there to judge for us again and did a great job as usual. First they judged class 2. We only had 3 competitors in this class today as some of our members couldn't come to the competition. First  to start were Sarah and Missy and even though Missy was a bit distracted in her heelwork the rest of the round was lovely. Sally and Molly did a cracking job as well, but Molly let her mum down a bit in holding the dumbbell as she did not want to do it when she needed to and after the judging finished she did it perfectly. The best heelwork of class 2 was done by Grace who was handled by her mum Jo. Grace does not like our horse very much in the other field and of course during the stays he came over to have a look and Grace was not impressed, got up and walked to her mum! This has cost them lots of points :-(((

Results class 2:
79% Sarah + Missy - first place
72% Sally + Molly - second place
48% Jo + Grace - third place

No one got the needed 80% to go up to the next class, so they will still be competing in class 2 next time.

Then we started with class 1. First we did the stays and that proved a hard exercise again as Dexter got up and started inviting other doggies to play with him. Honey sat perfectly still until it was nearly the end and both Dexter and Georgie nearly walked all over her...... The big improver of the day was Nick with Billy who came 11th last time and now did a super job. If Billy had not lost all his points in the sit stay (walking away from the other dogs) he would have been placed first. Kate and Buster and Trish and Daddy had the same amount of points at the end of the judging and both had to redo their recall. Buster anticipated and came too early and Daddy wandered off during the recall and was away with the fairies, which left Buster in first place and Daddy in second!

Results class 1:
92.5 % Kate + Buster - first place - moving up to class 2
92.5 % Trish + Daddy - second place - moving up to class 2
86 % Gillian + Honey - third place - moving up to class 2
82.5 % Peter + Georgie - fourth place - moving up to class 2
79 % Nick + Billy - fifth place - moving up to class 2
64.5 % Steph + Jacob - sixth place
62.5 % Jo + Gus - seventh place
53 % Carol + Dexter - eighth place
38 % Pat + Bertie - ninth place

The semi-final scoring in the Championship is now:
94%  Megan with Rogie - Border Collie
92.5 % Kate with Buster - Springador
92.5% Trish with Daddy - Staffordshire Bull Terrier
92%  Sarah with Missy - Border Collie
87.5% Sally with Molly - Cockapoo
86 % Gillian with Honey - Golden Retriever
82.5 % Peter with Georgie - Springer Spaniel
79 % Nick with Billy - Cavelier King Charles Spaniel

78.5% Sharon with Grace - Irish Water Spaniel
76 % Steph with Bolly - Boxer
71.5 % Jo with Grace - Whippet
70% Alex with Max - Border Terrier x Jack Russell
64.5 % Steph with Jacob - Husky x Alsatian
62.5 % Jo with Gus -Munsterlander
53 % Carol with Dexter - Labrador
52.5% Steve with Sam - Cocker Spaniel
50.5 % Joan with Tilly - Cairn Terrier
42.5% Mandie with Lulu - Bulgarian Street Dog 
38 % Pat with Bertie- Manchester Terrier

Well done everyone and thank you for such a lovely day with the doggies!! :-))))