Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sunday, 18 September 2011

3rd Club Obedience Competition

Margaret Reed was keen to come to judge again, which gave me a chance to play a bit with Wizz in the competition, which is a good experience for him as well, as we did not get to any competitions this year :-(

The dogs & handlers did well, even though it wasn't easy for them to work without the food but they did well. 

Results class 1:
1. John & Gem 95%
2. Pat & Harry 95%
3. Mandie & Lulu 77%
4. Stephany & Jacob 63%

Results class 2:
1. Sarah & Missy 88.5%
2. Sharron & Gracie 88%
3. Kate & Buster 86.5%
4. Gillian & Honey 75.5%
5. Megan & Rogie 74.5%
6. Sally & Molly 73.5
7. Trish & Daddy 69.5%
8. Nick & Billy 54%
9. Jo & Grace 41%

The final scoring of the club championships:
Best dog: Harry (Pat)
Best bitch: Gem (John)
Best obedience agility dog: Buster (Kate)
Best junior handler: Megan (with dog Rogie)
Most improved dog: Lulu ( Mandie)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Agility final

We all got a bit drowned today as it was pouring down on us. After the first round we had to abandon the rest of the final as we had about 2 inches of water on the field and it could not drain away quick enough as the rain was so bad. We discussed with the people involved what to do and decided that we would leave it at this and all points gathered so far would be counted up and that would make the final placings as it would be impossible to find another date on short term notice that everyone could take part.

The results for the novice groups:
1 Kate with Buster
2 Gillian with Honey
3 Laurel with Paddy
4 Steve with Sam
5 Lucy with Max
6 Leanne with Toby
7 Caroline with Jack
8 Lily with Bailey
9 Laurel with Molly

The results for the beginner groups:
1 Jo with Grace
2 Sally with Molly
3 Sharron with Gracie
4 Alex with Gem
5 Alex with Max
6 Mary with Billy
7 Sandra with George

The overall placings were the following:

Our Club Agility Champion 2011 is Kate with Buster
Our Reserve Club Agility Champion 2011 is Gillian with Honey
Third is Jo with Grace
Fourth is Laurel with Paddy (Club Agility champions 2010)
Fifth Steve with Sam
Sixth Lucy with Max

Mary and Billy got a special prize for most improved dog.