Monday, 31 January 2011

Hetty and Wizz at Doglive

Wizz and Hetty posing at the room where Hetty was giving workshops each day. (Picture: Claudine Melein)

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Barrel Racing rules and patterns

The rules and 4 patterns are now on the website:

See a preview of one of the barrel racing patterns below.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Barrel Racing, Clicker Training and Heelwork to Music

Hi everybody,

We have been very busy planning some activities for Black Jack Dog Training Centre. We will be doing several Barrel Racingsessions again in 2011, starting on the 30th of April.

Also we will give a clicker training day on 21st May, where we will be working with dogssheep and a horse. This day will hopefully help you improve your clicker skills and get more knowledge about the method. Everyone that is interested and would like to have a go with one of our sweet sheep, can do so, as it will help improve your skills. Derwen Zebadee, our horse, will do a little demonstration on clicker training with horses. 

And last but not least in the planning is our Freestyle and HtM day on 23 July, where you can improve your routine, sequences of moves or work on some new tricks. It is a day that is suitable for all levels as we will work individually for a large part of the day.

We look forward to seeing you on one or all of these days :-))

Hetty & Adrian


We were invited to come to Münster to do a few demos and workshops at Doglive. Doglive was a large indoor event located in the Messe und Congres Centrum Halle Münsterland in Münster, Germany. On Saturday we did a freestyle workshop and on Sunday we were supposed to do an obedience workshop but some people got mixed up dates so we did a mixed workshop for freestyle and obedience. As I work with most people individually it did not matter so much and we were able to work on each team's training problems and already saw some dramatic improvements in these 90 minute workshops! :-)

On Saturday evening and Sunday late afternoon there was also a gala show. Imagine large tribunes, lots of public, total darkness and some spot lights on you and you have the atmosphere. As we had never worked with such a light show, we had a practise session on Friday evening to see how Wizz would react to it all. In short: he just did his job perfectly, it was me who got slightly disorientated due to not being able to see the boundaries of the ring and not quite knowing where I was in the room. But after a bit of practising that was not a problem any more. Wizz was the opening act and just before his routine would start we would walk into the ring during a light show with loud music. The floor of the ring was sand, which made it a bit of a job for Wizz to walk so much on his hind legs, but he is very muscular (all this training, running and cycling with him certainly must have helped) so he managed it all fine.

We opened the show with our Madonna routine and later did another little routine to Hello Goodbye of the Beatles. The people loved the music and clapped with it and in between that cheered Wizz on when he did his signature moves. They were very impressed by my little boy. As Wizz got poorly at the end of the evening and was vomiting all night he needed to see a vet. Dr. Manuel Tücke came to our rescue with the perfect homeopathic treatment for Wizz and with his help he has recovered more or less by now, hopefully just in time for the Crufts semi finals this Saturday. As poor little Wizz was in no state to perform on Sunday afternoon, Koda stepped in and we did a little demo on how to train some moves at the gala show, so people could go home and have a practise with their own dogs. People seemed to enjoy that very much and we got lots of nice remarks on both performances.

This picture was placed on the facebook page of Messe und Congres Centrum Halle Münsterland with the following text: To watch Hetty van Hassel and Wizz during Freestyle is an experience. No wonder that this Dutch resident who lives in England is seen as one of Europe's most renowned dog trainers.

The Ahlener Zeitung published the following pictures of our show:

More links to articles & photos of our show:

Last but not least I want to give my special thanks to Claudine Melein for coming with me this weekend and looking after Wizz while he was poorly when I had to give a workshop and demo with Koda and Dr. Manuel Tücke who, with his amazing treatment, got Wizz all better again. 

Monday, 17 January 2011

Agility Club Championships 2010

Unfortunately due to the snow we were not able to hold our last club competition on the 4th of December 2010. Even though the weather is a lot better now, the field tends to be a bit muddy, so we have decided that we will postpone the competition until April 2011.

We plan to do the final competition on Sunday the 10th of April from 2 pm onwards. Catch up and refreshment lessons will be done the week before.......

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all. Hope it will be a fantastic year for all of us :-)