Sunday, 29 July 2012

Results first obedience competition

All heelwork courses were made by Pat Nichols. Today's judges were Roger and Margaret Reed.
Class 1 - Judge Margaret Reed

  1. Sandra with Skye 98.5% Best in Show (promotion to level 2)
  2. Jo with Gus 98.5% Reserve Best in Show(promotion to level 2)
  3. Steve with Sam 98%(promotion to level 2)
  4. Cassie with Dillon 96.5% (promotion to level 2)
  5. Lynn with Rosie 95% (promotion to level 2)
  6. Emma with Lulu 86% & (promotion to level 2)
  7. Nina with Lily 37%

Class 2- Judge Roger Reed
  1. Megan with Rogie 94% 
  2. Trish with Daddy 89.5%
  3. Jo with Grace 69%
  4. Gillian with Honey 65%
All dogs worked really well! Well done everyone for a lovely afternoon and congratulations with all your rosettes and great results.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Results after first club agility competition


  1. Sally with Molly (clear round)
  2. Gillian with Honey (clear round)
  3. Steve with Sam
  4. Sharron with Gracie
  5. Peter with Ben
  6. Laurel with Paddy
  7. Cassie with Dillon
  8. Lily with Bailey
  9. Jo with Grace
  10. Trish with Daddy
  11. Tina with Lexie
  12. Jill with Grace

  1. Sally with Molly (clear round)
  2. Gillian with Honey (clear round)
  3. Lily with Bailey (clear round)
  4. Laurel with Paddy (clear round)
  5. Jo with Grace (clear round)
  6. Sharron with Grace
  7. Tina with Lexie
  8. Cassie with Dillon
  9. Steve with Sam
  10. Trish with Daddy
Pete with Ben and Jill with Grace ended up doing a training round

  1. Jo with Grace
  2. Sharron with Gracie
  3. Gillian with Honey
  4. Lily with Bailey
  5. Cassie with Dillon
  6. Tina with Lexie
  7. Laurel with Paddy
  8. Steve with Sam
  9. Jill with Grace
  10. Pete with Ben
  11. Trish with Daddy
No placing for Sally with Molly as they did not get in the box in time and lost all their points

Promoted to level 2 are:
Sally with Molly
Gillian with Honey

Nearly promoted:
And Lily with Bailey, Laurel with Paddy and Jo with Grace only need a clear round in the agility course to be promoted to level 2. Well done all of you!!! The rest of the handlers just missed out on clear rounds due to tiny little mistakes of their own, all dogs worked really well.

Points gathered for the championship title:

20 points Sally with Molly
16 points Gillian with Honey
11 points Jo with Grace
 8 points Sharron with Gracie
 6 points Lily with Bailey
 4 points Steve with Sam
 2 points Laurel with Paddy
 1 point Peter with Ben and Cassie with Dylan

Well done everyone!!!!!