Thursday, 6 October 2011


A sad day for us at Black Jack as we have learned that Harry, a German Shepherd of one of our members has sadly passed away. Harry was rewarded with the prize for best dog this year at the club obedience championships 2011. Our thoughts are with Harry's mum Pat, his dad and his two four legged friends who all will surely miss him.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sunday, 18 September 2011

3rd Club Obedience Competition

Margaret Reed was keen to come to judge again, which gave me a chance to play a bit with Wizz in the competition, which is a good experience for him as well, as we did not get to any competitions this year :-(

The dogs & handlers did well, even though it wasn't easy for them to work without the food but they did well. 

Results class 1:
1. John & Gem 95%
2. Pat & Harry 95%
3. Mandie & Lulu 77%
4. Stephany & Jacob 63%

Results class 2:
1. Sarah & Missy 88.5%
2. Sharron & Gracie 88%
3. Kate & Buster 86.5%
4. Gillian & Honey 75.5%
5. Megan & Rogie 74.5%
6. Sally & Molly 73.5
7. Trish & Daddy 69.5%
8. Nick & Billy 54%
9. Jo & Grace 41%

The final scoring of the club championships:
Best dog: Harry (Pat)
Best bitch: Gem (John)
Best obedience agility dog: Buster (Kate)
Best junior handler: Megan (with dog Rogie)
Most improved dog: Lulu ( Mandie)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Agility final

We all got a bit drowned today as it was pouring down on us. After the first round we had to abandon the rest of the final as we had about 2 inches of water on the field and it could not drain away quick enough as the rain was so bad. We discussed with the people involved what to do and decided that we would leave it at this and all points gathered so far would be counted up and that would make the final placings as it would be impossible to find another date on short term notice that everyone could take part.

The results for the novice groups:
1 Kate with Buster
2 Gillian with Honey
3 Laurel with Paddy
4 Steve with Sam
5 Lucy with Max
6 Leanne with Toby
7 Caroline with Jack
8 Lily with Bailey
9 Laurel with Molly

The results for the beginner groups:
1 Jo with Grace
2 Sally with Molly
3 Sharron with Gracie
4 Alex with Gem
5 Alex with Max
6 Mary with Billy
7 Sandra with George

The overall placings were the following:

Our Club Agility Champion 2011 is Kate with Buster
Our Reserve Club Agility Champion 2011 is Gillian with Honey
Third is Jo with Grace
Fourth is Laurel with Paddy (Club Agility champions 2010)
Fifth Steve with Sam
Sixth Lucy with Max

Mary and Billy got a special prize for most improved dog.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Next week.....

is the final agility competition of the Black Jack DTC Club Agility championships.

We will have to think of a suitable course for this breathtaking (literally!!) final :-)

Saturday, 13 August 2011

2nd Club Obedience Competition

Roger and Margaret Reed were there to judge for us again and did a great job as usual. First they judged class 2. We only had 3 competitors in this class today as some of our members couldn't come to the competition. First  to start were Sarah and Missy and even though Missy was a bit distracted in her heelwork the rest of the round was lovely. Sally and Molly did a cracking job as well, but Molly let her mum down a bit in holding the dumbbell as she did not want to do it when she needed to and after the judging finished she did it perfectly. The best heelwork of class 2 was done by Grace who was handled by her mum Jo. Grace does not like our horse very much in the other field and of course during the stays he came over to have a look and Grace was not impressed, got up and walked to her mum! This has cost them lots of points :-(((

Results class 2:
79% Sarah + Missy - first place
72% Sally + Molly - second place
48% Jo + Grace - third place

No one got the needed 80% to go up to the next class, so they will still be competing in class 2 next time.

Then we started with class 1. First we did the stays and that proved a hard exercise again as Dexter got up and started inviting other doggies to play with him. Honey sat perfectly still until it was nearly the end and both Dexter and Georgie nearly walked all over her...... The big improver of the day was Nick with Billy who came 11th last time and now did a super job. If Billy had not lost all his points in the sit stay (walking away from the other dogs) he would have been placed first. Kate and Buster and Trish and Daddy had the same amount of points at the end of the judging and both had to redo their recall. Buster anticipated and came too early and Daddy wandered off during the recall and was away with the fairies, which left Buster in first place and Daddy in second!

Results class 1:
92.5 % Kate + Buster - first place - moving up to class 2
92.5 % Trish + Daddy - second place - moving up to class 2
86 % Gillian + Honey - third place - moving up to class 2
82.5 % Peter + Georgie - fourth place - moving up to class 2
79 % Nick + Billy - fifth place - moving up to class 2
64.5 % Steph + Jacob - sixth place
62.5 % Jo + Gus - seventh place
53 % Carol + Dexter - eighth place
38 % Pat + Bertie - ninth place

The semi-final scoring in the Championship is now:
94%  Megan with Rogie - Border Collie
92.5 % Kate with Buster - Springador
92.5% Trish with Daddy - Staffordshire Bull Terrier
92%  Sarah with Missy - Border Collie
87.5% Sally with Molly - Cockapoo
86 % Gillian with Honey - Golden Retriever
82.5 % Peter with Georgie - Springer Spaniel
79 % Nick with Billy - Cavelier King Charles Spaniel

78.5% Sharon with Grace - Irish Water Spaniel
76 % Steph with Bolly - Boxer
71.5 % Jo with Grace - Whippet
70% Alex with Max - Border Terrier x Jack Russell
64.5 % Steph with Jacob - Husky x Alsatian
62.5 % Jo with Gus -Munsterlander
53 % Carol with Dexter - Labrador
52.5% Steve with Sam - Cocker Spaniel
50.5 % Joan with Tilly - Cairn Terrier
42.5% Mandie with Lulu - Bulgarian Street Dog 
38 % Pat with Bertie- Manchester Terrier

Well done everyone and thank you for such a lovely day with the doggies!! :-))))

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Club Agility Championships 2011 scoring so far

After two competitions the total is now:
51 points Kate with Buster
50 points Laurel with Paddy
47 points Toby with Bolly and Gillian with Honey
43 points Jo with Grace
38 points Lucy with Max
37 points Steve with Sam
33 points Sally with Molly
25 points Alex with Gem
20 points Alex with Max
16 points Leanne with Toby
15 points Caroline with Jack
10 points Sharon with Gracie
  7 points Lily with Bailey
  5 points Mary with Billy
  4 points Laurel with Molly
  2 points Peter with Georgie

Novice group had 9 dogs in today so first place 15 points, second 10 points, third 8, fourth 6 points etc., beginner group had only 5 dogs in today so first place 10 points, second 6, third 4, fourth 2 and fifth 0.

Second Agility Club Competition

The weather today was very warm, so it was not easy for dogs and handlers to compete under these circumstances, but apart from a few little problems with concentration of some of the dogs they all did really well. This time in the novice classes there was a standard course time and if a dog was slower than that time they would get 1 fault for each 5 seconds they were over the standard course time.

We started with a jumping. The novice group started first it was a combination of jumps, tunnels and weaves and the jumps were set in straight lines but as the dog would have to do part of the course again but in a slightly different order the handlers really had to pay attention that the dog would go the right way.

1. Steve with Sam (Cocker Spaniel)
2. Laurel with Paddy (Border Collie)
3. Lucy with Max (Beagle x Staffy)
4. Caroline with Jack (Border Collie)
5. Leanne with Toby (Patterdale Terrier)
6. Kate with Buster (Springador)
7. Gillian with Honey (Golden Retriever)
8. Lily with Bailey (Schnauzer miniature)
9. Peter with Georgie (Springer Spaniel)

Then it was the turn of the beginners. The set up of the course stayed the same just a different sequences over the obstacles, so it would be slightly easier. The beginner group did really well in this, sometimes the owners were getting a little confused in where to run in order to get the fastest course, but the dogs were just brilliant.

1. Jo with Grace (Whippet) - clear round
2. Toby with Bolly (Boxer)
3. Sally with Molly (Cockapoo)
4. Sharon with Gracie (Irish Water Spaniel)
5. Mary with Billy (Cavelier King Charles Spaniel)

Then we changed the whole set up of the obstacles and added the see saw, A frame and dog walk to it. We started with a gambling. Here the obstacles are awarded points and the handler and dog have 60 seconds to collect as many points as possible, but before the 60 seconds are up they have to jump over the finish jump as else they will lose all their points. Here we did the same game for both novice as beginners so we counted the results as one group:

1. Kate with Buster (195 points)
2. Lucy with Max (185 points)
3. Gillian with Honey (170 points)
4. Sharon with Gracie (165 points)
5. Steve with Sam (155 points)
6. Toby with Bolly (150 points)
7. Sally with Molly (145 points)
8. Mary with Billy (140 points)
9. Caroline with Jack, Leanne with Toby and Lily with Bailey (115 points)
10. Jo with Grace (100 points)
11. Peter with Georgie and Laurel with Paddy both losing all their points!!

Then we did the agility course. Here we had two tunnels in the middle under the dog walk with both openings next to each other but both turning another direction. That was a bit hard as the handler would have to send the dog into the right opening and then send it over a jump when it walked out of the dog walk but the handler would still be on the other side of the dog walk. Otherwise is was a straight forward course.

Results novice:
1. Gillian with Honey
2. Kate with Buster
3. Lucy with Max
4. Lily with Bailey
5. Laurel with Paddy
6. Steve with Sam
7. Leanne with Toby
8. Caroline with Jack
9. Pete with Georgie

The beginners had a slightly different round but still had to send the dog in the tunnel underneath the dog walk. Not an easy task at all!

1. Toby with Bolly
2. Jo with Grace
3. Mary with Billy
4. Sharon with Gracie
5. Sally with Molly
Results beginners:

Agility photos 11 June - Caroline & Jack

All pictures by Megan Hayes

Agility photos 11 June - Pete & Georgie

All pictures by Megan Hayes

Agility photos 11 June - Megan & Violet

Agility photos 11 June - Jo & Grace

All pictures by Megan Hayes

Agility photos 11 June - Toby & Bolly

All pictures by Megan Hayes

Agility photos 11 June -Leanne & Toby

All pictures by Megan Hayes

Agility photos 11 June - Alex & Max

All pictures by Megan Hayes