Thursday, 12 April 2012

Obedience show in Spalding

Entry form Spalding obedience show:

Schedule Spalding obedience show:

Unfortunately I'll be teaching in Germany that day, but I hope many of our members will take part in the competition.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Pictures of obedience lesson last Sunday by Stuart Mitchell

All the dogs in this group have recently moved up from a puppy & beginners class to form a new novice class.

 Alex & Fen, Barbara & Whisper
 Wendy and Digby
 Wendy running away while Digby does his stay
 Barbara & Whisper
 Sammy moved up from another novice class into this group so she and her 'brother' labrador Oscar would not be in the same group any more. It has really helped Sammy focus a bit more on her mum and dad and not be so jealous if Oscar looks at other dogs :-)
 Whisper doing the box
 Digby has never done the box before so Hetty helps him.
 Socialisation exercise: ignoring livestock
 Merlin was rehomed at 11 months, he had not been trained at all and was a bit out of control. He has now developed into a lovely dog that is really trying to be a good boy (we still have our moments though, but he is getting there!) and he adores his new mum!
 Merlin and Jane
 Michael and Sammy
 Wendy and Digby
 Digby can run really fast with his long legs!
Barbara returning to Whisper