Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Barrel Racing and Longe Training Day - 25 July 2010

We have made an album of photos of the barrel racing and longe training day. Please click on the link to have a look. Below is already a little preview! The pictures were taken by Lucy McMillan. Thank you Lucy for sharing them with us!

We have had a lot of enthusiastic reactions from the people that came to this day. In fact everyone was so excited about the training day that we are going to do shorter training sessions on a regular basis. The first one is a barrel racing session and will be held on the 18th September 2010 from 12-2 pm. More information: Barrel Racing

Monday, 26 July 2010

Rogue was spayed today.....

As we had decided not to breed from Rogie, we had her spayed.......Here you can see her in her basket after she got home this afternoon....She is still a bit sleepy from the anaesthetic......

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

pictures Black Jack Games - fun day (afternoon)

Gillian Reece took several pictures at the fun day. Thank you Gillian for sharing them with us!

Ellie has rolled the die and Malcolm is now reading the team exercise card
Because Ellie was a little bit too big for this team challenge we decided that Malcolm was the one riding the wheel barrow and little Max would have to sit in the wheel barrow for Ellie one time as well.
Part two of the challenge: Buster in the wheel barrow and Kate riding it.
Team captain Sally instructing Missy of Sarah on what to do.......
Another team challenge - recall relays, Hetty is instructing Liz, Peter and Alison on what to do.
Part of the fun was watching the others do their challenges..... Margaret with Barney, Wendy, Laurel with Molly, Brian and in the chairs Sarah's parents, Sandra and Dave
Caroline with Jack, Roger in the chair with Tilly, Megan, Sally, Sarah with Missy, Jenny, Hetty reading out an agility card and in front you can just see Alistairs face.
Peter and Georgie on the start of their agility challenge, where Georgie has to go through the tunnel by himself and come back to the start, while Pete is not allowed to go past the white post. They had one minute to do that as many times as possible. Georgie really excelled at this challenge, getting loads of points!!! Well done Georgie!!! :-))))
Bear rolled a 5 and he and Liz had to take a barking mad divas card. They had one minute to eat all the cookies out of the dog spinny. Any cookies left in in after a minute would give them reduction points. Bear had never seen a spinny before, so was not quite sure what to do. Here we have the proof that Liz indeed did cheat a bit on this challenge :-)))))
Oh my goodness Rogie has got such a hard life!!! Sally was cuddling with her sister's dog Honey in the back ground .You can clearly see that this day was exhausting for the dogs, being cuddled all day, having to do silly games etc. etc. 

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Eye test Koda

Detania Dancing Koda passed his official eye test by Prof. Bedford and also passed his gonioscopy. The easiest eyetest he had ever done he said as Koda just sat still and was a perfectly behaved little boy.

Results Black Jack DTC fun day

In the morning we did a lot of fun obedience exercises with the beginner dogs and their handlers. The judges were Roger Reed, Margaret Reed and Adrian Hayes.

Musical Chairs Champion - Debbie with Patch
Musical Chairs Reserve Champion - Cheryl with Sorrel

Fastest Recall:
1st - Jill with Dennis
2nd - Sally with Molly

Best overall beginner dog:
1st  - Kelly with Neala
2nd - Sally with Molly
3rd - Mr Jones with Benji

Best junior handler:
Robyn with Cassie

In between we had 2 lovely demos from a few of our HtM members. Thank you Roger and Margaret.

In the afternoon we played the Black Jack Games with the novice and advanced dogs. It was a lot of fun. Time just flew by and before we knew it we had to finish the games......

Best team: Liz with Bear, Peter with Georgie and Alison with Bertie after their impressive recall relay races and  sausage retrieves.
Best individual was Lucy with Max.

Well done everyone, you made me proud to have such nice members in my club!

Friday, 16 July 2010

tomorrow - fun day at the dog training centre

Last day to get everything sorted for our fun day at Black Jack DTC. The game is finished and it should be good fun to play it with everyone in the afternoon. In the morning we have little fun competitions for all the beginners and puppies that come to our classes. Unfortunately not everyone is able to make it but there will be enough people around to have a lot of fun........

Monday, 12 July 2010

Pictures by Wendy Coyne of beginners / novice group on 30th June 2010

Box exercise of FCI obedience




Walking on the lead

Dogs in this group have either first done the puppy & young dog obedience classes at our club or have already had some basic obedience lessons somewhere else. They have learned a lot of basic skills that we are now trying to bring to a higher level. In this class we work on general behaviour & obedience as well as some exercises of the competitive obedience. 

We don't select dogs on ages, but on skills so you will find dogs from different ages & breeds in our groups.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Results after 1st competition of Agility Club Championships.

It was a fantastic competition. Adrian and I ran our own dogs as well, but we were not competing with them, as this competition is for our members and our dogs have had a bit more training so Adrian and I felt that would be unfair.

The atmosphere was great and we all had a good laugh. There were 3 courses that the dogs and their handlers had to run. An agility course, a jumping and a gambling.

Steve & Sam won the gambling and the agility. Megan & Violet won the jumping. Adrian L. & Bramble got 2 second places: one in agility and one in the jumping. Everyone did really well. The black horse of the competition was Missy of Sarah, who suddenly had seen the light in the last few agility lessons and was just working amazingly well tonight! We gave everyone points for their placings: a 1st place gave 15 points, a second 10 points, third 8 points etc etc.....

The results so far are:

1st Steve with Sam with 31 points
2nd Megan with Violet with 25 points
3rd Sarah with Missy & Kate with Buster with 22 points
4th Adrian L. with Bramble with 20 points
5th Lucy with Max with 14 points
6th Caroline with Jackie with 13 points
7th Gillian with Honey with 12 points
8th Alison with Bertie & Laurel with Molly with 2 points

Not competed this time: Lily with Bailey & Peter and Georgie (0 points)

Well done everyone!! And thank you all for such a nice evening! Adrian and I can't wait for the next competition :-)