Monday, 12 April 2010

Training day at Kings Green Farm, with Andy Nickless

Saturday 10th April Adrian and I went sheep herding with Rogue and Violet. We had a seminar with Andy Nickless, that was organised by the Midlands Border Collie Club (all pictures by Di Savage).

Adrian and Rogue

Andy giving some tips

"This is what you need to do with the stick Adrian", and Rogue just kept need for a stick she thought, I know what to do!

"No daddy, noooooooooooooooo! I don't want to stop, there are sheep here and they need to do as I tell them!" :-)

Andy explaining what he wants and walking with Hetty.
Violet nicely behind the sheep and driving them on a straight line. 
If only this was possible with our own very naughty sheep.

Working on their own with the sheep while Andy had a comfort break.

Violet keeping a bit more distance from the sheep.....very nice.

We both learned a lot. I think Adrian got a bit more confidence after this day and is even more motivated and I really was able to work on my out run with Violet. We have met some new people and made some new friends. We are already looking when we can go back for another lesson of Andy as he is really really good!

I think Andy liked our doggies and the whole day was just perfect!! Beautiful surroundings, sunny weather, fantastic organisation of the day, superb training, what more can you wish for......Well actually....yes one thing: to go back and take my 2 boys (Wizz & Koda) with me as well for another lesson!!!

All pictures above were taken by Di Savage. Thank you Di for these wonderful images of a perfect day!

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